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Lace Bobbins, Lace tools & Accessories

Bobbin styles    Photos of available species: (LINK)

NOTE: "Maple Leaf" style lace bobbins are a copyright design, permission is required to duplicate

Bobbins of more than 3 grams weight include a weight added inside the handle end
The tapered square end lays flat on most pillows and prevents the bobbins from rolling
A group of bobbins can be pushed sideways without piling on each other
With a little practice a pair can be picked up between a thumb and forefinger

6 gram bobbins for medium - heavy threads
This bobbin is fitted with an internal weight, equivalent to a regular spangled bobbin
Tensions thread without interference between bobbins
Available in two styles; double head and single head

Double Head bobbin
Lace Bobbin DH maple

Single Head bobbin

Head and body diameter is slightly larger than the double head bobbin, winding area slightly larger.
Lace Bobbin SH maple

3 gram bobbins for finer threads
Same shape and size as the 6 gram models, but with no internal weight.
Weight can vary between 2.7 grams and 3.4 grams depending on wood species used.
Lace Bobbin maple 3gm

2 gram bobbins for very fine threads or your travel pillow
Slimmer and slightly shorter than the 3 gram models.
Weight can vary between 1.7 grams and 2.3 grams weight depends on wood species used.
Lace Bobbin DH 2gram

6 gram large bobbins (double winding area)
Same shape as the 6 gram standard models, 1/4" (6.4mm) longer and larger diameter.
Winding area double that of standard 6 gram model. Internal weight added.
bobbin large, 6gm

"Capture" bobbins, designed for wire or metallic thread
Head design captures wire or metallic thread without the use of wire loops, hooks or elastic rings
Neck includes a hole to keep wire from unrolling
Bobbin can be wound in either direction
Wire can be tensioned in line or at an angle without unwinding or slipping
Internal weight added for total weight of 7 grams
Ideal for gimp bobbin use

100mm Capture bobbin
100mm Capture bobbin

80 mm Capture bobbin
80mm Capture bobbin

Tip loop bobbins made for wire
100 mm long only. Custom order only, no stock kept
Double wire loops hold wire thread securely when the bobbin is wound in either direction
Wire can be tensioned at any angle without slipping or unwinding
Neck includes a hole to aid winding
Internal weight added for total weight of 7 grams
100mm Wire loop bobbin

100mm Wire loop bobbin end view

    Wire loop bobbin, end view


Lace Tools


Crochet hook one end, pin lifter / pusher other end
Crochet hook: 0.4mm or 0.7mm
Made with a polished wood handle
Plastic shield for crochet hook included
Multi-tool, walnut

Pin Vise
Hold your pricking needles and other such tools securely.
Made with an ergonomically designed handle.
Handles made from Dymondwood. Colour choices as shown.
Pin Vise colours


Bobbin Carousel
Holds up to 72 wound bobbin pairs.
  Top spins to ease hanging or finding the right pair.
  Carousel will NOT tip over even if loaded only on one side

   click on images for full size
Bobbin CarouselBobbin Carousel filled

Pin Box
Holds more than 200, 26mm to 40mm pins
 Internal shape allows picking out pins one at a time easy and safe
 Top can be put on while the box is pinned to your pillow
 Made from Black Cherry (Prunus serotina).

click on image for full size

Lace pin box

Tool Caddy
Container to hold lace tools. Can be pinned securely to your pillow.
Made from Black Cherry (Prunus serotina

click on image for full size
Lace tool holder

Bobbin Holders
   150mm (6") long
   100mm (4") long
Large diameter elastic, increases holding ability and lasts longer.
Knot free attachment of elastic to holder, no lumpy bottom.
Made from Black Cherry (Prunus serotina).
Bobbin Holder

Thread Clamps
150mm (6") long
  80mm (3 1/8") long
Hold down your threads when moving your pillow.
Made from Black Cherry (Prunus serotina).
Thread Clamp

Pillow Rests
Pillow Rest

Available in 7 degree or 15 degree angle
Tilts and holds lace pillow on a table
Suitable for any pillow with a flat bottom
Two pieces, made of hardwood plywood
No hardware required, stores flat

Prices & Delivery (Canadian Dollars):
Standard bobbins, 6 grams:      species photos here
    Domestic wood species: $7.00 each
    Domestic wood species (curly, birdseye etc): $7.50 each
    Tropical wood: $8.00 each
    Exotic wood species: $9.00 each

Standard bobbins, 3 grams
    Sugar Maple or Walnut only: $5.00 each

Standard bobbins, 2 grams
    Sugar Maple or Walnut only: $5.50 each

Large bobbins, 6 grams
    Sugar Maple only: $7.50 each

"Capture" bobbins, 7 grams
    100mm & 80mm: $8.00 each
    Sugar Maple kept in stock.
    Pear, Apple and Hawthorn, made to order

Wire loop bobbins, 7 grams
    100mm only $8.00: each
    Made to order only.

Bobbin Carousel:       $ 90.00 each
Pin Box:                        $ 40.00 each
Multi-Tool:                        $ 12.00 each
Pin Vise:                             $   9.00 each
Tool Caddy:                      $ 25.00 each
Bobbin Holder:             $   3.00 each, $ 15.00 (6 pcs)
Thread Clamp:              $   2.00 each, $ 10.00 (6 pcs)
Pillow Rest:                     $ 10.00 each

$15.00 packaging and shipping by parcel post:
    Up to 48 bobbins to anywhere in Canada and continental USA

$20.00 packaging and shipping bobbin carousel by parcel post:
    Anywhere in Canada or continental USA
    Shipment can include up to 24 bobbins, pin box, tools etc at no extra shipping cost

Free shipping to anywhere in Canada or the continental USA  for orders over $300.00